Here is why you need to find Core Product Values for your Start Up

Here is why you need to find Core Product Values for your Start Up

Welcome to my product update blog series. It is a series where I quickly talk about the product I am building - Memnook.

While working on the project, I realized it did not feel like a polished product. I think that is a dilemma that every founder goes through, but this was a bit different for me. I wanted to understand if I am feeling this, just because I want to add new features, or if there is a root problem that I am missing. I started looking at Memnook from a different angle. Here are my notes from this study:

While looking at the product closely, I realized that the problem is not that Memnook is a bad product or it is missing any major features. I felt it is not “polished” because it was missing standards for different features.

It felt like each feature/component had its own rules and standards on what is acceptable. Because of this missing standardization, I was feeling this way. I understood that I needed to find some core values that I care about for my product. As soon as I started writing down these values, I got the answer to my question! Here is the list that I came up with.

Core Product Values for Memnook:

  • Simple to Use

  • Snappy to Use (aka Fast to use)

  • Keyboard Friendly

  • Mobile Friendly

  • Helps users to study

  • Help Resources

  • Sharing and Collaboration

  • Community Friendly

  • Usable on slow internet

  • Accessible Friendly

  • Quick User Support

  • Transparency to users

  • Analytics

  • Testing

  • AI Friendly

Using this list, I created a scorecard that helped me understand how well-developed features/pages are on Memnook. Here is a quick glimpse of the scorecard:

This made it clear to me why some of the features feel unfinished. Even though their UI is done, I still have some areas where I can improve these features. This is also helping me to find and plan my next steps on Memnook. It made it clear to me what I should be working on next. So expect some changes to these features in the near future 😉.

Thank you for reading the blog! If you are a student and want to learn your notes in flashcard format, don’t forget to check out today! Memnook converts your notes into flashcards, which makes it easier for you to quickly study your notes! If you are interested in more detailed blog, please drop a comment. I can work on creating more detailed blogpost on this case study.

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